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Our ASE Master Certified technicians can perform a full diagnosis on your vehicle to determine what may or may not need auto repair work.

Brake Repairs

Your brakes are one of the most important components on your vehicle. Without your brakes, you are going to run into a problem the next time you hit a stop sign or red light. It is in your best interest to let our technicians inspect your brakes regularly for potential problems. You don’t want to wait until your brakes stop working to get them fixed.

Performance Enhancements

Is there nothing particularly wrong with your vehicle, but you just know it could do better? Maybe you want it to go faster, stop sooner, or get better gas mileage? Our technicians are happy to take a look at your vehicle and make performance enhancements for you.

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At Ed Martin’s Garage, we are dedicated to providing you with the best automotive repair services in the industry by offering you ASE Master Certified technicians who are committed to quality repair services and the best customer service you could imagine.

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Our Services

Auto Transmission

Replacing the transmission filter and fluid according to vehicle manufacturer recommendations will help maximize the lifespan of your transmission. Ed Martin’s Garage ASE Master Certified technicians can help advice on the manufacturer recommendations on your vehicle when it comes to transmission services, tune ups, and repair work.

Auto Repair

At Ed Martin’s Garage, we understand an automobile is one of the more important assets a person owns. Whether you need manufacturer recommended maintenance, a checkup, or something isn’t working right – we can help keep your vehicle in tiptop shape with our automotive repair services. You can rest easy knowing you are in capable hands with one of Ed Martin’s Garage ASE Master Certified technicians working on your vehicles.

Auto Diagnosis System

Is something just not working right with your automobile? Maybe you just have some extra cash and want to bring your vehicle in for a checkup? Our ASE Master Certified technicians can perform a full diagnosis on your vehicle to figure out what the problem is (or if you have a problem at all). Just bring the vehicle in, we will hook it up to a computer, and let you know what the problems are.